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広島県の紹介 Introduction to Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima Prefecture

学校のあるここ三原市は広島県の南東部にあります。広島県は中国・四国地方でもっとも面積が大きく、人口の多い経済規模の大きい県です。三原市にある広島空港には、海外8都市、国内5都市からの定期航空路線が就航し、また鉄道や高速道路が整備されているため、海外へのアクセスに大変便利で、国内の主要都市へも短時間でアクセスできます。広島空港は三原市の中心部から車で30分くらいです。※資料提供 「広島留学ポータルサイト」Mihara City, where the school is located, is in the southeastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. Hiroshima Prefecture is the largest prefecture in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions in terms of area, and has a large population and a large economy. Hiroshima Airport, located in Mihara City, is served by scheduled air routes from eight overseas cities and five domestic cities, as well as railroads and highways, making it very convenient for access to overseas destinations, as well as to major cities in Japan in a short time. Hiroshima Airport is about a 30-minute drive from the center of Mihara City. *Data provided by “Hiroshima Study Abroad Portal Site”

広島県の南部地域は、1年を通じて温暖で過ごしやすい気候です。1ヶ月の生活費は東京に比べて大幅に安く、全国平均よりもかなり安くなっています。※資料提供 「広島留学ポータルサイト」 The southern region of Hiroshima Prefecture has a mild and comfortable climate throughout the year; the cost of living per month is significantly lower than in Tokyo and much lower than the national average. *Data provided by “Hiroshima Study Abroad Portal Site”

私たちの学校のある三原市は、広島県の南東部に位置し、瀬戸内海に面しています。海と山に囲まれた自然豊かな町で、昔は城下町として栄えた長い歴史のある街です。市内には、歴史的な場所が多く残っており、四季を通じてきれいな場所がたくさんあります。 Mihara City, where our school is located, is in the southeastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, the city is rich in nature and has a long history of prosperity as a castle town in the past. Many historical sites remain in the city, and there are many beautiful places to visit throughout the four seasons.

市内には広島空港、三原港があり、三原駅にはJR在来線のほか新幹線も停車し、現在は、陸・海・空の交通の要衝で、交通アクセスの良い街です。 Hiroshima Airport and Mihara Port are located in Mihara City, and the Shinkansen bullet train as well as JR conventional lines stop at Mihara Station. Today, Mihara is an important city for land, sea, and air transportation, with excellent access to transportation.

学校のそばには、ショッピングセンターや市の施設、プール、病院などがあり、生活に便利で落ち着いて勉強できる環境です。学校の寮も学校の近くにあります。 Near the school, there are shopping centers, city facilities, swimming pools, and hospitals, making it a convenient and calm environment in which to live and study. School dormitories are also located near the school.