本館 Main building

別館 Annex building

学生寮 Student dormitory


The school owns and manages its own student dormitories, and students who wish to stay in one of them can do so. All of the dormitories are located near the school and are inexpensive and easy to use. Free Wi-Fi is available in each dormitory. When students move into the dormitories, they will be provided with the necessary supplies so that they can start their life in Japan right away.

寮費 Dormitory expenses
部屋代 Room charge 12,000〜16,000円yen/月month 光熱水費 Utilities: 実費actual expense(12,000〜18,000円yen/月month)
管理費 Management fee: 15,000円yen/年year
保険代 Insurance: 3,000円yen/年year 
布団の備え付けはありませんが、希望者は事前予約で布団セットを購入できます。Bedding is not provided, but those who wish can purchase a futon set by advance reservation.

設備備品 Equipments
共有 For sharing
Wi-Fi、冷蔵庫 kitchen/bathroom&shower/lavatory/washing machine/ microwave oven / WIFI/ refrigerator
各部屋 For each room
机、いす、ベッド、エアコン、本棚、ロッカー desk/ chair /bedbed/ chair /desk/bookshelf /slipper/air-conditioner/bookshelf /